Pacific Rim Consulting, Inc.

I would like to thank all my clients and colleagues for their support over the past 20 plus years of my consulting business.   You have all helped make Pacific Rim Consulting a huge success. However, it is time to close that chapter of my life and go on to new challenges.  As such I have applied for,  been offered and have accepted a position with ONADE in the Center of Veterinary Medicine.  This is the position that Vernon mentioned at last years SQA meeting.  Although I loved my business and all my clients, I am extremely excited about the  opportunities and challenges this new position will provide.   I will obviously still be heavily involved in the regulatory community – just from the other side of the fence!!!

Compliance Issues and Newsletter

For reference, I am leaving all the old newsletters up on this site – I will not be issuing any more updates newsletter.

Cabernet Creek Farms

is relocating in 2015 to the East Coast, and I plan on enjoying all the llama shows and activities that are offered on “the other side” of the country.   My personal email will remain debi@pacrimqa.com, and I can be reached at 541-490-7145.

Cabernet Creek Winery will continue to provide 100% hand-crafted boutique fine wines in Parkdale, Oregon.  For the latest vintages and inventories, contact Rich at 541-308-6220 or email him at rich@cabernetcreek.com.


Course Schedule

Due to my new job opportunity, no additional training classes will be offered.  I appreciate all of you who have attended my courses or have brought me in-house to provide training.  Thank you..